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Steve Devisser

Sales Representative

City Brokerage

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Success Stories


I met Steve through Neighborhood activities. When my husband Mark and I decided it was time to consider a move within Hamilton we started asking Steve some real estate related questions. He was very informed about Hamilton and his approach was relaxed and genuine. Steve's openness and obvious desire to get to know us (and not simply sell something to us) was refreshing and apparent from the beginning.

Steve was patient with us as we searched for the "perfect" home together, even (and especially) when we changed our mind a few times. Initially, we thought we wanted to buy a duplex where we would live in one unit and rent the other. Steve's understanding of the legal and municipal requirements of this type of property was extensive and impressive. Eventually, when we decided that a single family home was better suited for us Steve swiftly changed gears with us.

It took a few months before Mark and I figured out exactly what we wanted in a house and before our "perfect" home came on the market. Steve showed unwavering perseverance to find the right house for us and at each stage in the process he focused on what WE wanted and needed. He provided just the right amount of guidance and direction.

Steve was an excellent resource to us; when we sent him questions he responded quickly with the answer. If we asked him something he didn't have the answer to he would research until he found the answer for us. When we asked his opinion about a home he was up front and honest with us. Steve became a friend through this process and we saw that he was really looking out for us.

We are in our new home now and couldn't be happier. Steve found us a home that matched so perfectly with our wish list. We wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend Steve Devisser to anyone considering the purchase or sale of a home in Hamilton.


As first time home buyers, Steve was able to patiently walk us through every step of the process. As a knowledgeable resource and an expert in the industry we felt comfort in knowing that we were making the right decisions when Steve was backing us up. Steve’s excellent service, frequent communication, professionalism and dependability made our first buy so much easier than we thought it would be!

Thanks again for all of your work with us!


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